Bewustzijn geeft ruimte. Verandering volgt.
Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.
Als iets waar is wordt de geest rustig.
When we blame, we give away power.
Confrontatie is het begin van een echte oplossing.
Als iets goed voelt of niet goed voelt is ’t het waard om onderzocht te worden.
Wanneer heb je voor het laatst iets voor het eerst gedaan?
Ontkenning maakt afwezig.


Coaching for whom?

The possibilities

Coaching takes place when both participants, the coach and the one who is coached, are open to learn. Only when the coach shows his or her vulnerability, the one who is coached can open up with a great sense of trust. This basic attitude during the coaching, calls forward inspiration and a process of acceptance and waking up. Do you recognize some of the following questions? How can I make my group a better team? How can we make the meetings shorter and more effective? How come that there is gossip in the corridors and how come that so few colleagues speak up openly? How come that although we give full attention to the content, it doesn’t pay of in result? I am efficient and am a good organizer, but it doesn’t work when it comes to leadership. We tend to work more than 8 hours a day and it has not an effect on the profit.

Crucial in the approach of The Power Company is that being vulnerable is a power from which every one tends to be afraid. Being vulnerable makes you free, spontaneous, creative and powerful. It awakens the knowledge and the wisdom that abides in you. Growing towards the courage being vulnerable is an inspiring and liberating process, which makes one authentic, reliable and effective in many ways.

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