Als iets goed voelt of niet goed voelt is ’t het waard om onderzocht te worden.
Als iets waar is wordt de geest rustig.
Wanneer heb je voor het laatst iets voor het eerst gedaan?
Bewustzijn geeft ruimte. Verandering volgt.
Confrontatie is het begin van een echte oplossing.
Ontkenning maakt afwezig.
When we blame, we give away power.
Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.

The Power Company

Patrice Nieuwenhuijs started her own personal development in 1975. From 1981 on, she followed many courses and trainings in the U.S., Europe and India about how the mind works and how to connect with the heart. What is the cause that a human being tends to act from fear instead from faith? How come that a human being tends to think from lack instead from abundance. And how can you turn this way of acting and thinking in a positive direction. She discovered that first you have to go through your own development, before you can invite someone else to come into motion.

During the same period she worked in business. She saw how much energy and creativity is wasted by political play and by not being genuine. So she decided in 1994 to found The Power Company. She decided to connect her knowledge about the mind, emotions and human unconscious motives with her business related experience. She now shares her knowledge during trainings and in individual coaching sessions. She teaches her participants a cohesive system of applicable self-reflection.

Let us know what it is that your company struggles with. What are you curious about? How do you convert your opportunities into action? Discover how The Power Company can support you. Do you struggle with a lack of communication in your team? You focus on the content and the outcome is often trouble. How do you deal with irritation and power play? Is there gossip in your department? Is there a lack of efficiency in your team? Are your meetings too long, tiring and the list of subjects to discuss never ending? Contact us. We are happy to give you information about our trainings, coaching sessions and workshops. Each training will be custom designed to your needs.

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