Als iets waar is wordt de geest rustig.
Wanneer heb je voor het laatst iets voor het eerst gedaan?
Als iets goed voelt of niet goed voelt is ’t het waard om onderzocht te worden.
Ontkenning maakt afwezig.
Bewustzijn geeft ruimte. Verandering volgt.
Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.
Confrontatie is het begin van een echte oplossing.
When we blame, we give away power.


Our trainings are created to improve efficiency on interpersonal levels. A lack of trust can cause isolation and lack of teamwork. Not being able to ask for help when a deadline can not be attained. In a meeting decisions are made and don’t end in effective results. After meetings people tend to speak about issues instead of speaking up during the meeting. All the small and bigger human issues can break down the efficiency of a company.

How precious and profitable would it be when there is openness, trust and growth? During the intake desired outcomes are made clear. The exercises that are offered give opportunity to open up to these desired outcomes. A team comes into being, when every member experiences greater trust and therefore is able to open up and perform work efficiently. This will change the bottom line of the company.

At the beginning of the training the team members make an intention. What do you want to attain during the training? What would you like to see changed and what would you like to offer? Making an intention forms the flow of the training, because every member aligns him or herself actively with the desired outcome of the group. Together with the company, the aim and duration of the training is formulated. For more information, please contact us.

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