Bewustzijn geeft ruimte. Verandering volgt.
Als iets waar is wordt de geest rustig.
When we blame, we give away power.
Wanneer heb je voor het laatst iets voor het eerst gedaan?
Confrontatie is het begin van een echte oplossing.
Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.
Ontkenning maakt afwezig.
Als iets goed voelt of niet goed voelt is ’t het waard om onderzocht te worden.

Tranforming loss into profit

The power of digesting loss is the power of letting go. We are often confronted with the departure of loved ones, acquaintances or colleagues. Even more often we are forced by life to say goodbye to old habits. It seems so normal to act and react time and again in the same way. Sometimes that calls forward inner collision and that is the moment we are invited to renewal.

Some people have not fully digested the great loss caused by death of dear ones or any other kind of loss, This causes that the 'small letting-go’ is unconsciously sabotaged. This causes friction and isolation. This is not stimulating an inspiring way of living and working with other people. By self reflection and becoming aware, one can start moving deeper and open up to new levels of awareness and action. Sometimes you find that you are stuck, you cannot do what you want to do. The process works as following: recognition of being stuck, allowing it totally, feeling the vulnerability of it, becoming aware of the cause and mechanisms, and than a switch takes place in the unconscious that disables the pattern of self-sabotage. The resulting gift is a greater feeling of creativity, inspiration and a freedom to act consciously. Becoming unstuck is a feast on its own, lots of energy gets released.

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